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“Terra Incognita” 40 duotone photographs (1997, out-of-print)
“Living Landscapes of Kansas” w/numerous color photographs (1998)
“EarthWorks” 40 duotone photographs, three essays (2004)
“Darktown” 25 B&W photographs, poems by Alyssa Mulligan (2006, out-of-print)
“Wild & Scenic Pennsylvania” w/numerous color photographs (2006, out-of-print)
“Black&White Photography, A Practical Guide”
(2008, translated into Chinese, 2011, out-of-print)
“Understanding Composition” (2009, translated into Chinese, 2012, out-of-print)
“Courthouse Wash, The Power of Place” 40 duotone photographs (2010, out-of-print)


All photographs are silver prints, either selenium-toned or copper-toned. All are in limited editions, with the edition size varying, depending on the image. Most are in editions of 5 to 25. Prints come in two sizes, smaller ones mounted and matted on 16x20 rag board, or larger mounted and matted on 20x24 rag board. The actual dimension depends on the specific image. Please contact me for more information.

Photos mounted/matted on 16x20: $400.00
Photos mounted/matted on 20x24: $800.00


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